Purchase With Protection

Buy knowing we have you covered with full warranties, free 30 day returns and free repairs

90 Day Warranties Included

The full scooter is covered, on manufacturer faults including the electronics and battery, for 90 days from purchase.


We will cover everything for a whole life time, for just £9.99 a month. Any repairs required we can arrange a collection within a 30 mile radius, if you are outside the radius excess shipping fees may apply.

Care Plus+

Regular price £9.99

Care plus+

Our Careplus+ plans cover a variety of parts on all scooter models bought from our website to ensure you are covered in the rare case that you damage your scooter or need replacements.

We will post the parts to you when you need them and send a video guide as to how the part would be replaced if you’re covered under any of the following plans…

12 months - £9.99: 12 months full cover for replacement listed parts

18 month - £8.99: 18 months full cover for replacement listed parts

24 months - £7.99: 24 months full cover for replacement listed parts

Parts covered under care plus:

• Brakes: Including Brake levers, Brake callipers, Brake discs.

Not including brake pads

• Tyres limited to two sets per month

• Wheels (not including motors)

• Lights

• Displays

• Bells/Horns

• Chargers

• Charging ports

Careplus+ is for those who want extra peace of mind after their purchase and to ensure extra protection on your shiny new scooter!

Payment Option

Warranty Terms

Scoote UK (KJ Direct Ltd) only sells official UK product that is covered by the manufacturers warranty. The warranty length and cover varies by brand. Xiaomi holds a 90 day full electric scooter warranty. They will replace or repair depending on the fault. You will be asked for your receipt and serial number (on the Scooter). To claim on your warranty contact Xiaomi via +44 800 9160561 or via email service.uk@xiaomi.com. Customers would need to contact Segway-UK@sertec360.com or call them on +44 2031921421 to make a claim.

If the scooter has been modified including changes of firmware. For example, if you have carried out work on the scooter without the permission of the brand and or unofficial parts have been used, this can invalidate the warranty. 

All parts of the scooter including the electronics and battery if the defect is technical related. The warranty doesn’t cover external damage such as broken parts and punctu